Managed to get away before 11am. Hooking up was relatively easy, although I did some things in the wrong order and had to back track.

The drive up to Cunningham’s Gap was smooth going. Probably shouldn’t have overtaken that truck – as soon as we were on the flats he was sitting close behind us and I pulled over to let him pass. Might have saved some fuel as well.

The campground at Best Brook Mountain Resort is in a beautiful spot. Right next to a creek (which we had to cross) a few vans from the Kedron Owners Group had already gathered before we arrived. With the advice from others, we decided on a spot for us. My strategy how to reverse into the spot turned out to be impossible. I learned that the Landcruiser can not pull a heavy van up a steep hill, especially when the ground is slippery. With advice from much more experienced caravaners, we managed to get the van into a beautiful spot overlooking the creek.

Friday night a communal dinner was planned. Lesley had baked these mini muffins with cherizo sausages and parmesan cheese that just needed heating up in the oven. Managed to light the oven to warm the muffins. I went for a little walk in beautiful sunshine and took a few photos. I was down at the creek when I heard Lesley calling me. The oven had gone out. I guess we must be out of gas in that bottle. Simple just turn a switch and open the valve of the other gas bottle. Well nothing is ever simple. Discovered that the hose was leaking. I could hear gas escaping as well as smelling the gas. Rod to the rescue. Swapping the hoses should do the trick. But turns out the other hose is leaking too. Rod volunteered to let us have one of his hoses. Went back to his van to fetch it and installed it for us. Oven lit and muffins could be heated.

We had a great evening tasting the food that had been prepared. Rod’s cooking was interrupted – he ran out of gas. Having loaned his hose to us, switching to the full bottle was a bit more complicated!

As the evening got cooler, we appreciated the fires that some of the caravaners had lit in their pigs. If you don’t know about pigs have a look at That gives you a fair idea what they are like. None of them had the original OzPigs but were mostly homemade or highly modified by their owners.

We had an early night and slept quite well. Waking up was very cold – we should have closed those windows!

Now I am sitting in the sun – lovely and peaceful spot with the sound of the creek in the background.

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