Wambelong Nature Trail

At the visitors centre we debated whether a yearly pass for the NSW National Parks was a worthwhile investment. In the end we decided on the yearly pass. We picked up a brochure about the walks in the park and decided on the Wambelong Nature Trail. On the way to the Canyon Picnic Area where the trail starts, we checked out the ‘Camp Blackman’ camping area. Some very nice spots for camping and some good powered sites. We could well return here some day for an extended stay.

The Wambelong Nature Trail is described as:
Grade: easy (relatively flat)
Distance: 1.1km circuit
Time: 30 min

We certainly didn’t think it was flat when we had to climb some stairs and as for circuit – after climbing quite a hill in the ‘only fools and horses out in the midday sun’ time, we couldn’t find any other way down, except the way we came up.

We got back to the car hot and sweaty.

I had read about this scenic drive that would lead us out through Tooraweenah back to the Newell Highway. I remembered Tooraweenah from my readings as a touristy kind of a place. Far from it – even the pub was derelict.

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