Wanganella Creek

This morning we were on our way by 8am. It is so much easier when you don’t unhook the caravan from the tug. We followed the Newell Highway to West Wyalong, where we left it behind to take the much quieter Mid Western Highway to Hay. This is very lonely country with long stretches without any settlements. We stopped in the middle of nowhere at a roadhouse to fill up with Diesel. The chap came out filled our tank and had a good yarn about nothing in particular. Good old country service – I can’t remember last time somebody gave that service.

There was plenty of evidence of floods all along the way. In one spot, water was still flowing across the road and we had to drive through it. They had traffic signals installed so that we had the whole road to ourselves and we could pick the best path. In other places work crews were repairing damage to the road from the floods.

The Court House in Hay

An other old official building in Hay


Hay is a nice country town with nice old buildings. We stopped for lunch and spent some dollars at the IGA before heading on to Wanganella where we are camping on the creek edge of the Wanganella Creek. Originally we planned to stay on the other side of the creek in a free camp site, but the road to it had a sign ‘Water on Road’. This caravan park is just $17.00 a van – you can’t complain. Spotless toilets and showers.





Trees in the water



I love the weeping willows

Dscf4574 Dscf4576 Dscf4577
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1 Response to Wanganella Creek

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m enjoying the blog and beautiful photos. Looking forward to reading more about your trip.

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