Arrived here yesterday and formed a corral with 4 vans. We are camped at the trotting grounds of Nyah, very close to the Murray (or is it just a sidearm?). Had a good evening, chatting with each other.

Very cold night – woke up to 6 degrees outside and 8 degrees inside. Our diesel heater soon increased the temperature. It gets warmest in the shower – which is a good thing.

After showering and disposing of the grey water, we went for a walk. All the attached pictures are from the walk.

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3 Responses to Nyah

  1. Peter says:

    Dear Lesley and Erich,

    We follow your journey very(!) attentively and we really enjopy the pictures. Wonderful shots Erich. Isn’t it a beautiful country! Are you heading up Mildura way?. I think the South Pole has temporarily moved to the Gold Coast. What’s it like down south?
    Love to you both and take care.

    Peter and Denise

    • erichn says:

      Overnight down to 6 degrees. Now at 11:30 it’s 23 degrees. No cloud in the sky.

      Means you have to shed layers as the day progresses.

    • erichn says:

      Yes, we intend to go via Mildura. Hope to have dinner at Stefano’s….

      But plans are not firm yet. Could well change along the way.

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