Australia’s first rice farm


But the short detour was worthwhile, despite the dirt road that almost negated our car wash. It also offered a photo opportunity. This might have been the dam supplying the water for the rice farm.



There was a sign saying ‘Road closed due to water over road’ – we couldn’t see any but were not tempted to test it.



Can you see the column of dust rising behind the tree? This is the cloud of dust raised by a ploughing tractor, I think.



The little hill with the tree on top of it reminded me a bit of Appenzell…




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4 Responses to Australia’s first rice farm

  1. Tracy says:

    Whatever schaerenschnitt means I like it!

    • erichn says:

      Schaerenschnitt is the art of making pictures by cutting with scissors (Schaere) a black piece of paper and then mounting it on white paper.

      Lesley says she can show you a Schaerenschnitt picture next time you come over (provided we are at home and not travelling around the country)

  2. erichn says:

    Of course this is not a real Schaerenschnitt. I just thought it looked like some of those Schaerenschnitt pictures.

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