On Sunday we left Bottle Bend fairly early. Here are a couple of photos just before leaving.

Although the river is flowing quite fast, on the opposite side of the river the water was like a mirror.

We travelled via Renmark to South Australia. Had lunch in Renmark (Pies and sausage roles in a Bakery) and did some shopping in Woolworths. Renmark has a beautiful main street with a park in the middle of the street. The smell of the roses was very intense.

We travelled on to Loxton where we had been invited to stay by an other couple on the caravanersforum. Great couple, great place. Beautiful gardens. Many different roses.

We learned that the area was settled by allotment of land to soldiers having returned from World War II in the early 50’s. The soldiers were alloted an area of land and given a Nissan Hut to live in while they established a home.

The Nissan hut still stands and is used as a machinery shed.

The cottage was built in the early 50s.

Today the property has an orchard with Oranges and Apples. Unfortunately in today’s economic climate, this is no longer a profitable enterprise.

Competition from overseas has virtually killed the farming in this area. Following a couple of photos around the cottage.

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One Response to Loxton

  1. Jill Joicey says:

    Hi Lesley and Erich hope you are both well, My sister Helen works in the woolworths in Renmark wonder if she served you at the check out !! She also lives in the town as does my Niece and her family. Love to both. xxx

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