A picture of Erich

Kay posted an image of me signing the GeoCache log at the Bottle Bend. As I never have pictures of myself, I decided to post it here…
Copyright Kay. Used with permission.

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3 Responses to A picture of Erich

  1. richou says:

    Aha! I knew this would happen sooner or later!

    PS Latha tells me you’re waiting for me to comment on your blog, to prove I read it. Behold! Proof!

    PPS So sorry for you, having all this fun, when you could be juggling auditors. 😀

    • erichn says:

      I don’t care if anybody reads my blog – it is just for the memory. From Latha’s comment I thought you wanted to tell me something about work….

      Enjoy the auditors. They are always good fun. You must be used to it, you had to deal with them when I was on holidays in May 2011!

  2. Jill Joicey says:

    Hope you are both well we continue to enjoy your blog.
    David did the Anzac march today wearing all his medals we were all so proud.

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