Crystal Brook – Historical Walk

On Friday we went into Crystal Brook with the intend to go for the historical walk. As the information centre was not open when we arrived, we went for a coffee in the local bakery. I had a custard horn (Cornet in Switzerland) which reminded me very much of my child hood when one of those was a very special treat.

In the bakery we found the leaflet for the historical walk and we proceeded to have a look around. Many old buildings are pointed out along the route. Alas very early in the walk I had a prickle in my foot. When attempting to remove it, my other foot gave in and I was no longer able to walk unaided. Lesley went back to get the car and we proceeded to do the history ‘walk’ in the car not taking any more pictures.

Not only early buildings were pointed out, also some more recent buildings in distinct style were pointed out,

When taking this picture my ankle gave in.

I spent the afternoon resting my foot. Lesley went back into Crystal Brook and bought a walking stick, allowing me to walk again.

Today is Saturday. The weather has turned. It is raining lightly and the temperature has dropped. As our batteries were down to close to 50%, I decided to start the generator to top up the batteries to compensate for the lack of sun.

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