Monday – back to Loxton

On Monday after all the goodbyes, we travelled back to Loxton to stay with the same couple that we camped with on the way from Kerang. Easy drive along minor roads.

John arrived shortly after we had driven into the block. We had a bit of a chat, set up for the night and headed into Loxton for a little look around. What a pretty town, full of history, beautiful gardens and well cared for public spaces. We checked out the tourist information and arts centre, picked up a few brochures and enquired about the book ‘A place of their own’ about the returned service men moving into the area after the second world war. I am about half way through the book that Fay lent to me. Unable to finish it before leaving Loxton, we decided to get the book as Lesley is also interested in reading it. Turns out we could get it at the council chambers.

We had a drive around the town and along the Murray.

We came across the tree of knowledge which shows the various flood levels of the Murray. 1956 must have been incredible.

Don’t quite know what these little mounds are all about, but they looked pretty.

We returned to the property where we are camped and had a bit more of a look around. All the following photos were taken on the property.

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