Banrock Station – Winery and Wetland Centre

We drove up to the Banrock Station Wine and Wetland Centre some 30km from Loxton, a pleasant drive along the Murray River. Most of the drive was along the same road we had travelled from Loxton to Burra some days ago.

I was in particular interested in the wetland board-walks, but due to high river levels, these board-walks were not accessible. We walked down to the Swan Bird Hide – but couldn’t get to it, as the last section was under water as well. All the same it was a pleasant walk and we did see some swans from the distance.

And a higly manipulated crop of the above photo.

Vines in the foreground with floodplains in the background:

The wine centre.

Some pictures of the wetlands.

Back at the wine centre we shared a small pizza with a glass of wine overlooking the area.

In the evening we went out to dinner with Faye and John at the local pub. A pleasant evening.

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1 Response to Banrock Station – Winery and Wetland Centre

  1. Peter says:

    Dear Erich and Lesley,
    We envy you! Banrock make some lovely (!) wines and we’re wondering if you sampled some? The pictures on your blog are phantastic. Well done. How’s the weather? We’ve had a real drenching the last 2 days; about 65mm today.

    Happy caravaning

    Love Peter and Denise

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