On Wednesday, Anzac day, after good byes to Faye and John we had an easy drive to Mildura, in part, I think, because it was a public holiday and there were few trucks on the road. I remember Mildura from a trip back in the eighties and then and now I enjoyed the small town. We checked out the information centre where we were quizzed whether we already booked at Stefano’s, implying that at such short notice it would be impossible to get a booking. Alas – we managed to get a booking for the very same day.

We had a bit of a drive around Mildura. Stopped at the Old Mildura Homestead.

We watched boats and birds.

Dinner at Stefano’s was quite a treat. There is a set menu which changes every day, but the menu on Anzac Day was incredible. One of the best meals we ever had. The wine matching worked out quite well. Unfortunately, being the driver, I had to restrain myself to a glass and a half.

Fiori di Zucca
Zucchini Flower, Goats Curd,
Red Pepper Puree and Zucchini Salad

Ocean Trout poached in Olive Oil, Smoked Butter Sauce,
Saffron Fregola and Green Olives

Black Linguini with
Yabby Bisque and Crispy School Prawns

Roast Baby Chicken Breast, Stuffed Wings, Confit Leg
with Potatoe Puree and Mushroom Sauce

White Chocolat Nougat, Coconut, Chocolate
and Native Finger Lime

The service was exceptional. Really enjoyed dinner with my beautiful wife.

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