To Broken Hill

Leaving Mildura Caravan Park we had a bit of a mishap. We were parked close to a tree and when pulling out I couldn’t see any way to avoid the tree with the back end of the van. I probably should have walked away and had a bit of a think, rather than persisting with the direction I had taken. Luckily the damage is not too bad.

The drive to Broken Hill was an easy one – at some stage I had cruise control set to 95km/h for 74 kilometres without having to touch either break or accelerator. By the way the legal top speed of our caravan is 100km/h.

Lesley found us an unpowered spot in a caravan park fairly close to the city. We set up camp (we were the only ones in the unpowered section) and drove into Broken Hill for a look around. Of course Broken Hill is famous for it’s mining background, although today I don’t think there is too much mining going on anymore. But there is plenty of history still there.

This is the memorial for the miners on top of the tailing hills.

There are some nice old buildings in Broken Hill. This is the Trades Hall.

I think this is on top of the facade of the Towns Hall – the rest of the building has been destroyed, making room for a parking lot.

A small detail of the facade.

After our first quick look at the town, we returned to our campsite. This photo shows clearly the colour of the dirt around Broken Hill.

We enjoyed dinner, a glass of wine as the sun went down.

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