Back of Bourke

We stayed in Bourke in a caravan park and according to the sign, we have been to the ‘back of Bourke’.

From the caravan park we could walk down to the Darling River. We joined a paddle boat cruise on a replica Paddle Boat, driven by diesel electric propulsion. As the paddles are driven by two separate electric engines, they can run in opposite direction, giving the boat extreme manoeuvrability.

On the way down to the Darling, we came across this tree that is very popular with the birds. In this photo you can see three different types of birds. The white bird is a Spoonbill, the one on the right is some kind of Heron and the top bird is a snake bird or darter. The snake bird gets it’s name from the fact that it’s body is submerged when it swims and only the long neck and head are visible, looking like a snake.



Whistling Kite soaring above

The Boat

The Darling river

Corellas were perched in trees and we also saw them in great numbers on the ground.

When disturbed, they take off in great numbers, here seen flying across the Darling.

Tree on the bank of the Darling


Incredible green river bank. They had a very high flood here this year which accounts for the green vegetation.

What is this wheel doing here?

Fishing spot


The clouds in the background announce the rain that was going to come over night.

Incredible tree roots.

The old draw bridge accross the Darling – with the new bridge in the background.

A bit of sunshine…

More roots.

If you look carefully you can see two battens attached to the pole. The lower batten (I was told it is yellow) is the height of last year’s flood. The higher one (white) is the height of the flood earlier this year.

On the way back, the same tree was even more popular with the birds. Even more birds were fighting for a spot.

A few hundred meters from the river, we came across this little boat – I am sure it was at water’s edge when the river was in full flood earlier this year.

Overall this was a very pleasant trip on the boat. The captain gave excellent commentary and we enjoyed the slow cruise on the Darling.

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