To Lightning Ridge

We woke up to more rain – waited a while until it eased to hook up. The rain didn’t leave us all day. The drive was fairly unpleasant with the rain. On top of that some of the roads we were travelling on had been flooded and impassable just two weeks ago and the damage to the roads is extensive. The roads are being repaired quickly and there were a lot of road works along the way.

We arrived in Lighting Ridge safely straight to the caravan park where we stayed until bed time. Couldn’t go to bed without a photo – so here is sort of a sunset, although there is no sun in sight.

This morning I went for a soak in the Artesian Baths with hopes of easing my back pain as well as the pain in my ankle. It was a very pleasant experience and perhaps it has had an effect on the pain. Here is what I found out about the baths:

Bore Baths, Sherman Way
The water here derives from a bore sunk more than a thousand metres into the Great Artesian Basin in 1962. The water arrives at the surface
under its own pressure. Geothermal heat makes the water in the baths about 40 degrees Celsius. This Artesian Basin is the largest of its kind in the world, covering over one million square kilometres and containing over 64,900 million million litres of water, oil and gas. The sedimentary layers of sandstone, siltstone and mudstone were laid down in a shallow sea between 100 and 250 million years ago.

After the baths we went for a little drive following one of the car door tours. There is evidence of opal mining everywhere. We stopped at one open cut pit where reputedly opal was found which brought in excess of 100 million dollars. This photo was taken adjacent to the pit.

We stopped for a coffee in the middle of town. Not much to take pictures of. I liked these signs – such a diverse choice of wares.

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2 Responses to To Lightning Ridge

  1. Jill Joicey says:

    It begs the question ..what sort of parts

  2. erichn says:

    Trust you to put a different meaning to that sign….

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