Lightning Ridge to Nindigully Pub

Last night we had dinner at the local tavern. A good steak together with a nice bottle of Annie’s Lane Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot.

This morning we woke to beautiful sunshine – but it certainly was cold. We managed to get going before 9am, having packed up inside, put away the awning, filled up with water and emptied the toilet cassette.

We stopped in Hebel at the General Store for an expensive breakfast, that wasn’t all that nice.

On to St. George – what a pleasant surprise. It claims to be the inland fishing capital of Australia. The river banks along the Balonne River are beautifully maintained.

Hard to believe that only recently a flood has gone through here. I guess the levee banks are a reminder of the latest flood. It kept St George dry.

On to the Nindigully Pub (established 1864), which offers free camping along the creek that runs through the property.

Scene along the creek although I don’t think you can go too far with the little dinghy.

View over the creek

A little island in the creek.

View across the creek.

A heron wading in the shallows

Water lilies in the creek

The leaves against the sun

Scene as the sun is getting low

River Grasses

We joined happy hour at the pub – pots of XXXX gold for $2.50. Had a chat with a couple that is travelling the opposite way. They recommended a camp site this side of Warwick. We will check it out as our last overnight stay before arriving back home.

After happy hour we proceeded to the wine and eventually to dinner. Lamb chops after an entrée of cob bread with garlic butter. The portions were huge and we should not have had the entrée.

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