via Goondiwindi to Warwick

Once again we started early and drove through to Goondiwindi. We checked out the old Customs House museum. The house dates back to the days when there were customs imposed when traveling from one state to an other. I guess back then they were not states – rather they were different colonies.
Beautiful gardens at the entrance to the museum

In the backyard of the Customs’ House

An other view of the Customs’ House

As most of these small town museums, this one has a variety of machinery and other old wares on display. The steam roller in the photo reminds me of my childhood. Is this really already museum material? We have seen other items reminding us of our years when we grew up. For example a Hoover single tub washing machine seemed to be exactly the same as the first washing machine my mum had. And I even remember the days before the washing machine when the laundry was done in the copper by lighting a fire to heat the water.

The river Macintire

Fishing in the river

The Victoria pub is one of many other old buildings in Goondiwindi.

The art deco council building

A free camping spot was recommended to us by a couple we met at the Nindigully Pub. The camping area is next to the Darling Downs Hotel, Sandy Creek, near Warwick. What a lovely spot this is. I spent time walking around the area and took photos of the scenery. Of course trees have to feature in my photos… (in the background a go-cart racing track)

I also liked the farm buildings close by

with the livestock on the farm with the backdrop of the beautiful trees being illuminated by the setting sun.

An outbuilding of the pub

A fence line

and of course the Pub building itself.

We wondered how the Pub could make any money – it seemed so isolated. These doubts were dispelled when we went in for dinner. The place was packed – people watching the footy, playing pools, trying their luck at the pokies and drinking and eating. There were 3 people serving drinks from behind the bar and they could hardly keep up with the demand. I had to wait quite some time until I could place my order for 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc. This actually caused an other delay – they had to get the wine from somewhere else.

We both had the T-Bone steak and the meal arrived fairly quickly. Huge steak and chips and potato bake and some other vegetables. Quite filling.

Full moon again – as it was in Kerang.

Kerang was obviously about four weeks ago. Tonight is our last night before returning home. It has been a great trip and I learned a lot. Not least that I like this kind of travel and I want to do more. Next big trip in September/October in South East Queensland, Northern NSW. Back to Victoria in April/May next year and then… retirement and the big trip around Australia starting perhaps November 2013. My doubts whether we can do this have been dispelled and I am very keen to do be away. Let’s hope health will allow us to fulfill our plans. It certainly was a bit of a fright to be hampered by my ankle injury. Hopefully the various trips away will get both of us to be fitter.

We have a long list of things we want to get for the van, things we want to improve. Our next short trip will be 25th of May to 28th of May to the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival. Hopefully we can get a lot of the improvements done by then.

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