Kinbombi Falls

Kinbombi Falls are in the midst of cattle country near Goomeri. The rolling hills would not suggest that close by is a deep gorge cut by a creek into the rocks.

We can hear the water running down the waterfalls as a constant murmur in the background. This is interrupted by bird songs. The Kookaburra’s laugh is easily identified, so is the sound of the crows, although you couldn’t call it a song. There are other bird calls that I cannot identify. All in all a very peaceful setting for this camping stop.

This is our second visit to the falls. First time it was on a day trip when we were camped at Bjelke-Petersen Dam. This time we are using the camping facilities to stay overnight, first stop on our five week trip through Western Queensland. Today there are three caravans and a camper van using the facilities. All of us in easy camping sites – drive in, drive out without any reversing.

Walking tracks lead to a couple of lookout spots over the falls. These overlook the rock pools, the spectacular cliffs on the other side and the waterfalls. Today the rock pools are very green. This is probably due to algae. In a way, this adds to the charm of the place.

I didn’t venture any further, but for the more adventurous and agile, one of the paths leads to the bottom of the gorge to the edge of a rock pool.

By coincidence we met up with Ron and Rhonda – a couple we met on a camping weekend at Bestbrook Mountain Resort. We joined them for happy hour with a glass of wine and nibbles. We exchanged stories and had a few good laughs. Returning to our van, we were invited to join a different group of campers for more chats. What a friendly mob the caravaners are. However dinner was calling – Silverside cooked in the dream pot while travelling. We retired to our caravan and had a peaceful night.

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