Cania Gorge

The scenery in Cania Gorge is amazing. The rock formations on either side of the gully are impressive.

Rocks fallen from the cliff faces can be seen everywhere and look like they have been thrown by giants, landing at incredible angles. But what is more surprising are the plants that appear to be growing out of the rocks. A magical place well worth the visit.

We arrived at Cania Gorge National Park on an overcast day. What good opportunity to go for a walk in the middle of the day, without being called a mad dog or an Englishman. Having stopped at the first caravan park, close to the entrance to the National park, meant we were close to the Big Foot walk and most of the other walks started at the picnic area some 900 meters from the caravan park.

We decided to go on the Two Storey Cave circuit of 1.3km. Of course you have to add the 1.8km return trip to the starting point making it 3.1km all up. Fortunately the picnic area is easily reached on a flat path. However the Two Storey Cave circuit goes up the side of the gorge and at times is quite steep with steps almost half a meter in height. All the same it is well worth the effort. We found ourselves amidst these incredible sandstone rocks, with views to the other side of the gorge with equally impressive cliffs.

King Orchid Crevice is about half way up the walk. Most of the plants – I assumed they were orchids, Lesley thinks they are Elkhorns – were dried up on our visit. But some green leaves indicated that there was still life in these plants.

The Two Storey Cave shows a chimney like structure that seems to go on forever. I understand there are rare bats living in the upper reaches of the Two Storey Cave – although I could not see any of them. We were urged not to disturb these animals.

We also enjoyed the vegetation in the park.

The advantage of the first caravan park is the proximity to the walks, although many may choose to drive to the start of the walks anyway. The disadvantage which may be important to many, is the lack of mobile phone reception and of course internet coverage. You can access the internet at the office via satellite connection, but that is not cheap.

We checked out the Big4 caravan park some 12km into the National Park. It is a pleasant park as well and has excellent mobile phone coverage (Telstra) and as a consequence 3G internet. It is closer to the Cania Dam, but further from the walks.

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  1. Anita Shackleford says:

    Amazing that those plants can grow in those rocks!

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