Cania Dam

Cania Dam picnic area is a lovely spot to while away the afternoon. As Lesley was not up to walking due to sore hips, we went off in search of internet reception. I wanted to check on the budget speech, but I was too early, his speech only just started. We found good connection at the picnic area. The grounds are in a lovely setting, immaculately kept and watching the birds could keep me busy for hours. The views are also amazing. Perfect spot to connect to the internet and spend a relaxing hour or two.

Australasian Darter drying its wings

Australasian Darter drying its wings

Australasian Darter

I obviously got too close and the Darter is taking flight

Female Australian King-Parrot

Female Australian King-Parrot


Apostlebirds – apparently they come in flocks of twelve, hence their name.

Blue-faced Honeyeater

Blue-faced Honeyeater on the back of my chair.

Bauhinia Tree

Bauhinia Tree

Kayak on Cania Dam

There is a lookout over the dam that oversees the panorama with the lake in the centre flanked by the mountains either side of the Cania Gorge. We were lucky and the sun was shining at an angle emphasising the rock formations.

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