Isla Gorge National Park

On the way from Theodore to Taroom and back we dropped into a couple of different locations in the Isla Gorge National Park. On the way down we checked out the Isla Gorge Picnic Area, just a short detour from the highway. Coming from Theodore the signage is not great – it is an almost 180 degree turn at the sign pointing to the Picnic Area and can be misleading. There is a camping area as well, but it is not suitable for caravans. It should be ok for camper vans and trailers.

The Isla Gorge is vast. From the picnic area you get a great view into the gorge.

We dropped into the Flagstaff hill section of the National Park on our way back to Theodore. This is a considerably longer detour in parts over dirt roads. The Flagstaff Road which was built late nineteenth century is an incredible piece of engineering. When I think that around the same time the Gotthard Rail Tunnel was built in Switzerland (1871 – 1881), in Australia in 1860 this hand paved road was built by a small team to allow bullock teams to travel from Roma to Rockhampton. A true memorial of the Australian Spirit. After more than 150 years, this hand built road is still intact.

Not too far from the Flagstaff Road is the Glenmoral Lookout. We arrived late afternoon – the magic hour for photography. I enjoyed the view and the patterns the sun and shadows created with this landscape.

If ever you are in this area, do yourself a favour and allow some time to visit the Isla Gorge National Park.

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