Rolleston is another small town in the Banana Shire. Lesley’s mother, although born in Springsure, spent her early years in Rolleston and I expected to find more traces of her family. Rolleston has placed heritage walk plaques throughout the township that tell us about the history of the place.
While Kezia Tregilgus Lesley’s great great great grandmother does not rate a mention, her husband John Tregilgus is mentioned in a few of them.

The Planet Inn in Rolleston was built in 1858 by the Tregilgus family. While not the original building, it deserved a lunch visit. The hotel proprietor gave us directions to the cemetery as well as showing interest in Lesley’s ancestors.

As every plaque mentions that there is more information available from the Rural Transaction Centre, Lesley checked it out and returned with a leaflet with some information.

As was expected, some distant relatives still live in Rolleston – the Eyles family name is well known is business circles. Ruth Tregilgus, the daughter of Kezia, married Thomas Eyles and they founded the first store in Rolleston. The cemetery had more evidence of Lesley’s ancestry.

The graves of Lesley's great grand parents

The graves of Lesley’s great grand parents

The gravestone of Lesley's great grand parents

The gravestone of Lesley’s great grand parents

Lesley's great great grand parents

Lesley’s great great grand parents

On to Springsure to look for the grave of Lesley’s great great great grandmother.

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