Blackdown Tableland National Park

I read about the Blackdown Tableland National Park and wanted to include it on our itinerary. This is the reason we camped at the Bedford Weir. Otherwise we probably would not have gone East.

I am certainly glad we did make this detour – not only because I enjoyed the Bedford Weir, but also because our trip to the Blackdown Tableland was a highlight for me. The scenery, the vegetation, the isolation, the waterfalls all add up to an unforgettable trip. It is a trip of about 70km to the first parking area in the National Park. The last few kilometres are quite steep and winding. But it is all on sealed roads with plenty of opportunities to pass oncoming traffic. From the car park it is only 100 meters to the Horseshoe Lookout. At the Horseshoe Lookout you feel like you are on top of the world. Of course this is not the Himalayas. But for this area of Australia, to be high above the plains beneath, to look down at this vast area that appears to be uninhabited – magic.

The Goodela walk (approximately 3.6km return) leaves from the same car park and leads through amazing vegetation. Banksia and palm trees growing next to each other. Sandstone rocks are everywhere. Some of these rocks have overhangs almost inviting to rest beneath. Little bridges cross creeks which tumble over rock faces. The destination is a waterfall that falls over the edge of the tableland to eventually get to the plain beneath. From the view point you can only see the first stage but that is impressive.

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