Barcaldine – Lloyd Jones Weir

Heading towards Lloyd Jones Weir the GPS lead us astray once more. Ended up on a dirt road that appeared to head off in the wrong direction. We turned around when we came to an area that gave us enough room to turn around. The combined rig needs quite a bit of space, especially with the weight distribution hitch attached.

On the way back we encountered our first kangaroo hoping along our vehicle at full speed. We had seen kangaroos in the distance (and by far too many dead kangaroos on the side of the road) but this was the first one at close range at speed. Should we be thankful to the GPS? Perhaps. Getting back to the bitumen we continued along the road until we finally knew we were way off our destination. When we saw a road crew we enquired about the Lloyd Jones Weir and were advised we had passed the turnoff some kilometres ago. His remark ‘You might find it difficult to turn around‘ was quite true. Eventually we got to a driveway to a farm where I managed to do a three point turn.

In the end it was all worth it. The Lloyd Jones Weir is a beautiful area. It was quite crowded with fellow campers. We managed to find a spot for our caravan. We took our chairs and sat on the bank of the weir in the shade of trees. Having connected our next-G router to the aerial on top of the caravan gave us good internet reception and the wireless transmission was good enough to reach us about 30 meters away. This allowed us to surf and at the same time observe the scenery and the birds.

We were joined by a fellow camper towards the evening and enjoyed some good conversations nursing an empty glass.

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