Coopers Creek

From Windorah we followed the Diamentina Development Road for a short distance until we crossed Coopers Creek on a long and narrow bridge. I concentrated on keeping the rig going straight across the bridge – Lesley concentrated on possible camping spots. Once again she found a beautiful spot, under a tree, overlooking an arm of Coopers Creek.

In an earlier post I mentioned that all the water from this area flows eventually into Lake Eyre. We actually saw Coopers Creek from the plane when we were flying over Lake Eyre. The pilot said that it hadn’t yet started flowing into Lake Eyre at that stage. It takes months for the water to flow through the channel country and to eventually arrive at Lake Eyre. Unless there is very heavy rainfall (flooding), the water just evaporates along the way.

We intended to stay for just one night. It didn’t take us long to change our mind and to decide to stay for two nights. It’s a lovely spot, not much to do except for watching the birds, going for walks and talking to other campers. Not even the possibility of surfing the internet – no phone connection at all. For a first we were able to have a swim, or probably more a float. The days were hot and a dip in Coopers Creek was very refreshing.

We managed to identify some of the birds thanks to Lesley’s i-Pad App ‘The Michael Morcombe eGuide to the Birds of Australia’. This bird was hovering around the tree we were parked under – we think it is a honey eater ‘White-plumed honey eater’. The images are not great – these are enlargements of the original photos.

I don’t think this fellow needs any introduction. The crow’s call is quite unnerving.

This is a pelican and a darter.

This is a white necked heron.

All these names are our interpretation from the iPad app. We are just beginners and I wouldn’t rely on these names.

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