From Longreach we followed the Thompson Development Road to Windorah. We knew the road was going to be a one lane road, meaning only a section in the middle of the road is paved. If two vehicles are crossing, one or both of them need to get off the road. Normally the smaller vehicle goes off the road, the larger stays on the paved section. For us it means cars and cars with trailers go off to the side and we continue on the paved section. However encountering a truck or road train, we get off the bitumen and let them pass. Overall quite a good ride.

In Windorah we topped up with fuel and got a six pack of Hahn Lights ($15) at the local pub as it was such a hot day. We could have filled up with water at the local shop as well, but didn’t have the right fixings.

Windorah has an interesting solar power station that provides power for the approximately 100 residents of Windorah. Unlike the flat solar panels that we are used to, here the light is concentrated by parabolic mirrors onto a solar cell, apparently much more efficient than the standard cells. The mirrors are tracking the sun throughout the day further increasing the efficiency of the system. To find out more about this power station, read the Ergon brochure about the power station.

An interesting sign on the road into Windorah.

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  1. Jill Joicey says:

    Loving your blog, your stories, and your wonderful photos, have a great time .

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