Lake Houdraman, near Quilpie

An other beautiful spot in Western Queensland. As Lesley put it on her facebook page when asked whether we were alone: A couple of vans and a tent but all a good distance away. More cattle and birds than anything else.

We stopped in Quilpie for grocery shopping, water and the dump point. We also picked up a brochure from the tourist office about Quilpie. A very interesting and well put together booklet. I wouldn’t have expected it from such a small place. The directions to Lake Houdraman together with the road signs were better than the GPS. How unusual. Lake Houdraman is just a few kilometers east of Quilpie just off the road to Charleville. Not much to talk about this area, it’s peaceful, scenic and totally relaxing. Once again we changed our travelling plans to do less driving and stay here for longer. I am sure photos describe the place better than any of my words.

Worth mentioning is the place has good phone and internet connection. This is the first time since Longreach that we can connect to the internet. We received a text message somewhere in the middle of nowhere, but nothing afterwards.

View from our camping spot:

Little Bird goes for a dip in the water – I assume to cool down.

and flying back (at the very top of photo)

Darter swimming towards shore to dry wings.

All wet.

Drying the wings

and taking off again.

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2 Responses to Lake Houdraman, near Quilpie

  1. AMPO says:

    Thanks for the info and great photos. Well go there next time heading N. Happy travelling. AMPO 😊

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