Lake Broadwater Conservation Park

Panorama of Lake Broadwater

We intended to stay at Tara Lagoon. There were lots of people camped around the lagoon and the lagoon is very close to town. We didn’t like the look of it and headed on.

Lake Broadwater Conservation Park was another recommended site on the Camps 6 book. We were very glad that we changed our minds. This is a beautiful area with nice camp grounds. From memory it was $5.40 per person per night. Worth every cent.

Although it was the long weekend, the camp area wasn’t crowded at all. On the other hand there were plenty of day trippers using the opportunity to water-ski or using their jet skies.

We went for a walk to the bird hide. On the way we saw plenty of Kangaroos – they are not easy to photograph and this is the best I could do.

The bird hide was also rewarding, although there were no birds close enough to get good photos. The scenery itself was rewarding enough. The following photos are all taken from the bird hide. (Lesley remarked it was the cleanest bird hide she has been to).

The following photos were all taken from the camping area.

Around sunset time.

Moonrise was spectacular too. It was the day after full moon. Incredible how fast the moon rose over the horizon.

I can’t say we had a romantic dinner in the moonlight. All the same we enjoyed the moon lit scenery.

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