We arrived on Tuesday for the Millmerran Camp Oven Festival weekend. This was also an organised meeting for the Kedron Owners Group and about ten Kedron vans and some guests in other vans were expected. A great opportunity for us to meet friends and make new ones. In the days before the festival we sat together and talked, inspected other vans and looked at improvements the various owners had done to their vans.

Amazing what people bring along on camping trips…

Happy Hour in front of our van.

I enjoyed walking around the camp area and looking at the various different vans, motorhomes, 5th wheelers and fancy 4×4 set ups.

Camp Oven cooking classes were taking place and other preparations for the weekend cooking made for some interesting photos.

My geocaching app on Android indicated a Geo Cache some 250m from our camp spot. We took an easy stroll through the show grounds and then along the road to the indicated location. Lesley found the small cache immediately. It is a small cache – too small to have a pen included. BYO pen.

One aspect of finding geo caches is the interesting places it leads us. The other aspect is the interesting information that geo cachers include in their cache description. This is the description of “On Show”

European settlement in the Millmerran area began in 1841 when the Gore brothers established the vast Yandilla station. Yandilla station covered an estimated 1,780 square kilometres and hosted its own school with 20 to 30 students, telegraph station and store. Closer settlement began after the passing of the Crown Lands Alienation Act in 1876, which allowed Edward Walpole to select a portion of Yandilla station. In 1881, Walpole established a general store on the site of what was known at the time as Back Creek, and a receiving office was opened with that name on 8 July 1883.It was elevated to the status of a post office, and the name changed to Domville, on 1 June 1889. The name was again changed to Millmerran on 16 November 1894.
The Cache is located near the Show Grounds where once a year the community comes together for the annual show.

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1 Response to Millmerran

  1. Jill Joicey says:

    My goodness in the 3rd photo down the lady in the blue shirt is an image of my sister Helen..

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