Millmerran – more geocaches

Monday after the Millmerran Camp Oven Festival the showgrounds emptied out quickly. We didn’t want to be part of the hundreds of vans leaving so stayed another day. I went for a drive to look for two more geocaches in Millmerran and once again it took me to places I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise. The first one was near a creek. A nice picnic area together with an exercise track is nearby.

The heron allowed me to get quite close.

Eventually it flew away. The cache was a magnetic metal container that was hidden under a metal beam. Quite easy to find once you reveal the hint. There were some tiny flowers nearby. The second geocache was also in an interesting area. I have no idea why there is a teepee in Millmeran. It is in a rest area just outside of town and is very well maintained. The geocache eluded me. At the coordinates was a garbage bin and I was not going to investigate it’s content! The gardens were being watered when I visited and the plants are thriving. Here is a nice bottlebrush bush.

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  1. glad I clicked on this , very nice pictures!

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