Leslie Dam near Warwick

Leslie Dam was built across the Condamine River to supplement the groundwater supply for irrigating farms along the North Branch of the Condamine River.

The dam was named after a pioneer of this area. Patrick Leslie settled here and established a very sizeable station. The sculptures near the Dam Lookout are in memory of Patrick and his wife Kate.

The lookout gives way to great views over the lake. All the natural bolders in this area are also interesting.

There is a geocache among these bolders which we managed to find after jumping from rock to rock.

The recreation area is in a lovely spot at the lake’s edge. Unpowered sites can be well spaced and we had a lovely spot with great lake view.

After we set up for our three night stay, we explored along the foreshore. One end of the camping area borders the Warwick Ski Club which is private property. There is no obvious border on the other side and you could walk for miles. There is plenty of bird life on and around the lake. Pelicans can be observed at close range.

A strong wind blew up towards the evening and we probably would have been better off facing the van differently.

We had beautiful sunsets and enjoyed the peace and quiet of this area.

What a great way to end a day, sitting outside our van and watching the sunset with a glass of wine.

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