Leslie Dam – packing up

After 3 nights at Leslie Dam it was time to leave. The wind was still very strong when we woke up. Our awning had been rattling through the night with the wind. It can be quite dangerous to put up or take down an awning in strong winds. The time between removing the flappers and rolling up the awning is the crucial time. The wind can catch the awning and in a worst case can rip the canvas.

I have even heard of cases where an awning that was not tied down actually turned a caravan on its side. This is not something I have seen, just anecdotal.

We certainly were vary taking down the awning. Normally I take it down by myself while Lesley works on getting the inside of the caravan ready for travelling. This particular morning I was not game to do it by myself. Together we prepared everything to be ready for the crucial moment. Then we released and raised the awning at the same time on both sides. Fortunately everything went fine. This added a bit more confidence to our caravanning experience, knowing that we can cope under these circumstances.

We have now travelled some 10000km since we bought the caravan. We learned a lot in this time. All the same we know there is more to learn. We look forward to the next 10000km.

To get an idea of the strength of the wind, check out the short video I took of this small tent at Lake Leslie. Thank goodness we can feel secure in our caravan and don’t have to put up with this kind of thing.

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