Heifer Creek

From Lake Leslie it was a short drive to Warwick for a bit of breakfast and then on to Alora for a quick look around and stocking up on supplies. The drive down the dividing range from Alora to Heifer Creek is along a minor road that follows the contours of the terrain quite closely. As a consequence it is winding it’s way along with many curves that don’t allow you to see the oncoming traffic. We encountered one truck belting along meeting us in a bend. The truck driver kept well to his side of the road and the fright turned into relief.

Interesting scenery and once the road follows and crosses Heifer Creek, the vegetation changes and adds to the pretty landscape.

The campground itself is along the creek and provides habitat for numerous birds and interesting plants. On the other side of the creek, there are sandstone cliffs with overhanging rocks apparently sheltering caves beneath. Roots of trees appear to grow straight out of and over the rocks.

There were two other couples staying at Heifer Creek over night. One of them was in an A-Van camped quite a distance from us. After a while they left their site and came to park fairly close to us. We speculated why they would do something like that, thinking they might feel more secure. Later on we got together for a chat and learned that the council worker collecting the rubbish advised them ‘I wouldn’t be parking in that spot with all the dead branches above you’. Good advice – I am sure these thick branches could do some damage.

There is no phone coverage at Heifer Creek. As I was anxious to read my mail, we only stayed one night.

[Heifer Creek, Darling Downs Australia, Central West Queensland,

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