Home again

Over the last 5 weeks we have travelled 4341km through Western Queensland. We have used around 730 litres of diesel. On the other hand we only stayed in a caravan park once. And of course never in a hotel/motel. All up a quite inexpensive way to travel, if you disregard the original cost of the caravan and tow vehicle. But we expect we will be able to recover a considerable portion of that when it comes to selling.

We have seen a lot. But we have just scratched the surface. There is so much more to be discovered. Queensland is an amazing place. The country is so varied, there is always something else to see.

If you look at a map of Australia, we have only covered a small part.

I want to go back into the area we just have covered and explore the big white area inside our loop. So much more to see.

When I returned to work I did learn that my job has been declared redundant. This will give us the chance to get travelling earlier. There is much to be sorted out before we can be on the road for an extended trip. It certainly will be sooner than what it would have been without the redundancy.

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