Lake Manchester

I had read about the bird life at Lake Manchester and made it my first outing after my retirement. Although it appeared to be a straightforward run, I decided to use the GPS to guide me to the lake. I was surprised when it guided me toward Samford. Ah well, there must be a way across the mountains I thought. In the end the GPS told me I had reached my destination when I was on top of the mountain, close to Mt Nebo, miles from the lake.

mist over South Pine River Valley, Queensland, Australia

Mist over South Pine River Valley

In a way I was glad that I was mislead. The early morning mist across the South Pine River Valley was spectacular, something I wouldn’t have seen on the straight route.

Mist over South Pine River Valley, Queensland, Australia

Mist over South Pine River Valley

I eventually reached my destination, albeit later in the day than I hoped for, as I hoped to arrive in the cool of the morning expecting the birds to be very active. It also made for a more arduous walk to the lake from the picnic area as it is mostly uphill and it was already getting hot. All the same it was a well worth while outing. I enjoyed walking partly on the vehicle track, partly across fields along the lake.

There are water lilies all along the foreshore with some of them already open, displaying beautiful colours.

In other areas the lilies were not yet blooming, but the leaves of the lilies formed a carpet along the foreshore.

These leaves were used by a bird as stepping stones. I think it is a Jacana – unfortunately not a very clear photo as the bird did not come near me. When I researched the web for the name of the bird and came across Jacana, it’s common name of Jesus Bird seemed most appropriate as at first sight it appears as though the bird is walking on water.

I saw other birds, all of them quite shy and remaining at a distance, thus these photos are cropped out and enlarged from my originals.

This bee however was not concerned with my presence.

Lake Manchester, Dam wall

Lake Manchester, Queensland. Dam wall in background. Water Lilies in foreground

Soon enough it was time to return. The way back lead once again past the dam wall.

When I reached the picnic area it was time for a rest. I had walked just over 6 kilometres.

Lake Manchester map with the route of my walk

Lake Manchester map with the route of my walk

I ate the banana and enjoyed the water that I had brought along in the shade of one of the barbecue areas.

Magpie on rubbish bin, Lake Manchester Picnic area

Magpie at Lake Manchester Picnic area. Jacaranda tree in background.

The magpie was not shy in the least and was more interested in the rubbish bin.

By the way the old Queenslander at the entrance to the site was built when the area was cleared for the dam. A sawmill was established for the logged timber and the house was built for the Supervisor of the mill. Today it accommodates the caretaker of the site.

Lake Manchester, Queenslander, Sawmill

The caretaker residence

The way home was a lot quicker. I used the GPS as well and it guided me through the airport link tunnel. A first for me.

As I have a lot more free time now and as we are not quite ready to go caravanning again, I intend to do more of these short trips to explore the area around Brisbane. Expect an update of the blog with more excursions!

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