First day’s drive

Our first day’s drive was over familiar ground. We travelled along the Gateway Motorway towards Warwick. I remember well when we first crossed the Brisbane River on the Gateway Bridge. We wondered what gear to be in, whether the brakes would heat up and how to behave with trucks overtaking. Today it was a non-event, just another road to travel on. What a difference a bit of experience makes. Actually it is not just experience, the tug/van combination is also better set up than on the first drive. We did not have sufficient ball weight, making the driving quite a bit unstable. The airbags on the rear springs have also improved the ride.

We had rain most of the way to Warwick. A short stop at the Aratula Bakery on the way to Cunningham’s Gap is already a bit of a tradition. Really nice pies with chunks of meat in them and not a bad cappuccino made a nice lunch. We stopped in Warwick to check out some shoes that Lesley saw last time we passed through. Alas, they didn’t fit.

We arrived at the Sandy Creek Pub (Darling Downs Hotel) in pouring rain. We didn’t bother to unhook as this will probably be just an overnight stop.

When the rain stopped I decided to go for a walk.

Walking down the road I saw a track leading off the road through the grass. I decided to follow it and ended up at the Sandy Creek.

Unfortunately the rain had only stopped temporarily – it returned while I was exploring the creek. I rushed back to the van, my shirt quite soaked.

Soon it will be dinner time at the pub. From past experience I know that it will be a great meal. Really looking forward to it.

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