Ready to go

After months of preparations we are finally ready to go. Preparations not only on the LandCruiser and the caravan. But also getting the house ready for house sitters. I am glad we made it on time. This afternoon the house sitters will move in for 7 months.

Modifications to the LandCruiser included bullbar, UHF aerial and inbuilt UHF radio, phone aerial with cradle for Lesley’s iPhone, roof rack, Fuel Canister holder on roof rack, Spare Wheel on roof rack including spare wheel holder, Snorkel, recovery hooks and a shovel holder on the roof rack.

Some strange feelings leaving the house for such a long time. But I mostly feel relief that we are finally on our way.

Our cat is watching our final preparations. Does she know that we will be gone for so long?

We know Jaffa will be well looked after by the house sitters. If nothing else she will be spoiled…

A final refuge under the caravan until we left at 10:15.

Fortunately the rain held off until we left, allowing us to pack up in the dry.

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2 Responses to Ready to go

  1. Sue says:

    Although you have only just hit the road I am already really enjoying sharing your adventure through you wonderful story writing and photos. So far the places you have visited are places Ian and I have been on our two trips east, I am so envious that you are where I would love to be! One huge difference though, all the water! Please if you can figure a way to mail us some it would be much appreciated.

    All the best

  2. S&S says:

    How cute is Jaffa! We too have to leave behind a fury four legged friend each time we trip away. It’s normally the hardest part.

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