Dumaresq Dam, Armidale

This morning the wind was still blowing fiercely. The sun still keeps on playing hide and seek. I took the opportunity to take a few photos once the sun was out.

We did a quick trip into town and had a bit of a look around. Armidale is an interesting town with lots of historical buildings. Sorry no photos yet. Perhaps tomorrow. We will probably stay here a few days.

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1 Response to Dumaresq Dam, Armidale

  1. Sue says:

    We spent quite a while in Armidale on both of our trips, both times were in early May and we were treated to such a beautiful display of Autumn colors something us Northern West Aussies are definitely not use to seeing. Absolutely stunning.

    I had never seen real frost until we visited Armidale, one morning on our first trip I ventured out of our caravan and thought that someone had smashed our Jeeps windowscreen only to find it was frost. Minus four degrees! Under 25C is freezing enough for us.

    At least we weren’t wet! Stay dry and we do hope you find some good weather soon.


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