Dumaresq Dam

The night from Tuesday to Wednesday was again very windy. When we woke up there was beautiful sunshine. We discovered that the wind gusts over night had ripped the awning out of its track and there was now quite a gap between the awning and the caravan. To prevent further damage we rolled in the awning – not an easy chore when the wind is blowing.

Lesley managed to arrange an appointment with a caravan repair place near Tamworth for Friday morning. This means we will be leaving Dumaresq Dam sooner rather than later. We now plan to leave on Thursday to be close to Tamworth on Friday morning.

We enjoyed staying at Dumaresq Dam, watching the birds, enjoying the scenery. It certainly is a place we can recommend to anybody looking for a spot to camp in this area. I would have loved to travel the Waterfall Way from here – it will have to wait for an other time.

We decided to take a walk around the dam. I understand it is about 3 kilometers and it took us just over an hour including many stops for photography and just looking at the scenery. It was an easy walk most of the way. The crossing of the creek as it leaves the dam was a bit of a challenge, I suspect mainly due to the amount of rain we have had. But we managed to return to the camping area without incident.

Following are a few photos from our walk.

Looking back to the camping grounds across the dam

A Heron in the shallows of the dam

I love the trees growing around the dam

A creek feeding into the Dumaresq Dam – I saw a turtle sunning at the water’s edge. I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo before it decided to dive under the water surface.

Not much to say about the next photo – I just enjoyed the scenery.

Granite bolders and dead trees – I love them both. Here we get both of them in the same shot.

Our Caravan and LandCruiser as seen across the water

Purple Swamphen at water’s edge

Reed and other plants at the dam’s edge

The actual dam wall of Dumaresq dam

Creek Crossing

Vegetation in the creek bed.

In the afternoon we had to recover from our walk. A well deserved sleep – considering the previous night we kept on waking up because of the wind.

Towards the evening we just sat in front of our caravan (sans awning) and enjoyed watching the scenery.
A couple of Australian Spotted Crakes enjoyed the grass next to our caravan.

Close to sunset, overlooking Dumaresq dam.

Purple Swamphen sitting on a nest close to the shore.

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