Moonbi to Premer

This morning I was woken at 6:15 (5:15 real time) by the iPhone alarm. Lesley had set the alarm so that we would make it to the caravan repair place in Moonbi by 8:00am. It was still dark outside. We were on our way well in time to get to Moonbi by 7:45am. There was a sign on the gate – back soon, delivering van. We took advantage of the internet access and I managed to submit my first post of the day.

Once the guy arrived, it didn’t take him long to make an assessment – the reason why the awning had come away was due to the stitching having given way and there was nothing left to hang on to. Cheapest solution is to replace the whole roll at the top of the arms. Replacement roll needs to come from Brisbane. A quick phone call to Brisbane revealed that they don’t have the correct size in stock and that it needs to be manufactured for us. All the same it should arrive in Moonbi by Thursday at a cost of about $850 including freight and fitting. What to do in the meantime? Last time we went down to Victoria I would have liked to go to Wellington and explore the region a bit. We didn’t make it. We are not too far from Wellington (well perhaps 3 days drive) so we decided to head that way.

First stop Tamworth. At the information office the guy suggested a walk along the Peel River into town. Quite a pretty walk with glimpses to the river. The town itself is a lot bigger than I would have expected. All major chains have an outlet here and there are many local businesses as well. The main street through town is lined by shops.

The main street is tree lined and all in all a pleasant experience.

There are some interesting historical buildings. This is a hotel built in the art-deco style.

Our destination for the day was the Lions camping area in Premer. This is a very well maintained camping area that asks for donations from people using it.

The town itself is very small and it is surprising that the Lions Club has sufficient members to maintain the site. On a visit to the local pub we learned that the town comes alive after sundown when the farmers from the surrounding area come into town.

The following photos were taken during our walk through the township.

Disused railway carriage

‘Railway Station’

Wheat Silo

Australian King Parrot

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