Towards Tamworth

First job on Thursday morning was to sort out the detached awning. Lesley guided me to drive the LandCruiser close to the caravan so that I could use the ladder on the LandCruiser to affix the gaffa tape over the gap between the awning and the caravan’s fixing. Soon we were on our way into Armidale for a visit to the dump point and to fill up the water tanks.

Driving out of Armidale towards Tamworth the scenery was quite different – no more mountains and only gentle rises and falls along the way. Getting closer to Tamworth, we drove past road signs warning us of steep declines ahead. They certainly weren’t wrong. I dropped down to second gear and still had to use the brakes from time to time. Two thirds down the slope we came to Moombi Lookout, one of two sites that were recommended by a fellow traveller for an overnight stay. The lookout itself was on top of a big rock, stairs to the top having been built back in the 1930s. An incredible view opens up from the top of the rock.

However the parking area was not to our liking for an overnight stop. For one, the steep road provided plenty of background noise with trucks crawling up the mountain. In addition the parking area was really just that – nothing to commend it.

On we went to the second spot recommended to us. Attunga Rest Stop was right on the side of the road, in the middle of the village. Once again, not what we like. We should have known that the guy who suggested these stops had completely different views on the requirements of a great overnight stop when we saw the Moombi Lookout parking area! At least it had been an interesting drive through the beautiful valleys between mountains. Lesley then found a different spot in the Camps6 book – Cockburn River Campsite in the Cockburn Valley. This was much more to our liking.

More about this in the next post.

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