Premer to Gulgong

The drive from Premer to Gulgong was once again a scenic drive. Interesting countryside, varied farming. In the beginning mainly cattle, than there were different crops (wished I could tell you what crops there were – the only one we recognised was corn). As we were approaching Gulgong, we saw lots of sheep.

We were arriving in Gulgong about 11am on a Saturday and knew we had to do our shopping straight away as these country towns tend to close shop at noon. A quick visit to the information centre confirmed this. The butcher was just a block from the information centre and a real country butcher. It brought me back in time (I think to the late 1950s) when I saw the lady add up our dues on a piece of paper. No EFTPOS either! Gulgong is an RV friendly town and we like to spend our dollars in RV friendly towns. We probably spent in excess of $200 on fuel, at the butcher and at IGA.

Gulgong is an interesting historic place. Narrow streets mean you have to wait for the oncoming traffic as there is no way to pass. Lots of interesting buildings as well. The oldest Opera House in Australia is in the main street of Gulgong. They perform just occasionally – but when they do they can charge city prices!

We are staying at the Gulgong Show Grounds. I like staying at show grounds – they have a real country feeling and we always meet interesting people. In Gulgong we share the show grounds with horses as well as sheep. I was amazed to watch this flock of sheep that had two Willie Wagtails riding on the sheeps’ back.

A few photos all taken in the showgrounds.

View Map:

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