Drive to the Frog Rock

Having arrived in Gulgong fairly early we had the afternoon free to explore. We couldn’t go too far, so I suggested a trip to the Frog Rock as I had the impression it would be a good lookout point. The drive from Gulgong along Henry Lawson Drive brought us into wine country. Many vineyards and wineries open for tastings. We are not far from the Upper Hunter Valley, which of course is famous for its wines. Lesley noticed that in one vineyard, sheep were lying under the grape vine, seeking shelter from the sun. I would have loved to stop for a photo, but there was no opportunity to get off the road nearby.

Henry Lawson, the author and poet from the colonial period, lived in Gulgong for some time. His name is not only used for the drive but is ever present in Gulgong. There is a museum in Gulgong that celebrates his life, maintained by the historical society. By the way, he was a fierce republican. His aim still has not yet been achieved.

The Frog Rock was a non-event. I couldn’t figure out which rock was supposed to be the frog and none of the rocks were accessible.

We returned via Mudgee were we discovered this old railway station built in 1884. It’s a majestic old building. Today it houses an Indian Restaurant and Art Gallery.

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2 Responses to Drive to the Frog Rock

  1. kay distel says:

    I love the pics and have again picked out a couple of beautiful ones, you sure have a gift of photography, I will continue to keep a track of your adventures.
    Bought myself a new , well not quite new 12 months old in June with 2500 kms on the clock.In anticipation of travel in the future. Its a Citreon Baringo just lovely!!
    I’m going to find out how I can convert etc in the next few months.I will be able to sleep in it the back is 5foot.10inches.
    First trip will be when friends from Uk come in September and they are getting an RV and we’ll ‘travel for a few days around close to Brisbane probably to Sunshine coast hinderland and Hervey bay.

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