Trip to Wellington and Lake Burrendong

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really wanted to go to Wellington. Well today, we made the trip. I must say the anticipation was better than the execution. While Wellington has some nice buildings and the park at the river Macquarie is very well kept, overall I wasn’t that keen. The excursion to Lake Burrendong was also a disappointment. To charge an entrance fee for a quick drive around seemed excessive. We had been thinking of staying at Lake Burrendong after we had our awning fixed. We found that there were not many sites suitable for our caravan and the powered sites were very close together in the middle of no-where. All the spots with a view to the lakes were built on by on site cabins.

The arboretum near Lake Burrendong also charged entrance fee and when we were asked for additional contributions just a few hundred meters into the area, we turned around not really having seen anything worthwhile.

Of course these are just my opinions and other people may perceive it quite differently.

The trip itself through the countryside made the trip worthwhile.

The following shots were taken at Lake Burrendong.

And here are some shots from the park near the Macquarie River

And some buildings in Wellington

What I enjoyed the most during our day, was our walk on return to Gulgong. Such an interesting place with so many buildings preserved from the colonial times.

view map:

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