Nundle and Hanging Rock lookout

From Chaffey Dam we drove via Nundle to the Hanging Rock lookout. This is a very steep drive up the mountain behind Nundle. I was glad we didn’t come across a logging truck, which bring logs down through this road. The lookout gives spectacular views over the valleys and the mountains surrounding us.

I love the trees that cover these mountains. They have so much character.

We drove a little further along the road to Sheba Dam Reserve. This is a free camping area and would be a great spot to spend a few days.

Driving back down the mountain, this time we stopped in Nundle. This is a former gold mining town with many original buildings still standing. Most of the historic buildings are now used for tourist businesses but all the same the town has an original feel about it.

This old building houses a shop selling old wares like brooms, brushes, enamel wares as well as some delicacies.

This dog sits outside an antique shop.

The old hotel, the last one remaining from 32 hotels in the goldrush days, still is a pub and we had a nice cappuccino there.

As we are heading into autumn the leaves are turning colour – these are the grapevines surrounding the veranda of the hotel.

The old church is now a boutique.

We visited the Nundle Woollen Mill were they still spin wool on antique machinery.

We took a different drive back, this time on a dirt road that led us along a creek. Once again beautiful scenery. It is difficult to stop along the way to capture some of the scenery. We managed to stop near the river in an area where the valley is a bit wider.

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2 Responses to Nundle and Hanging Rock lookout

  1. jkmcl says:

    Where is Sheba Dam? I bough lots of wool from the mill back when I had a knitting machine!

  2. Lesley says:

    Kay, Sheba Dam is in the CAW 6 as #180 so shouldn’t be far off that in #7. It’s past Hanging Rock on the road to the Trout Farm and Barry. There were a couple of vans there but the road is steep and winding and used by logging trucks. I wouldn’t like to haul a heavy van up there.

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