I checked with the caravan repairer whether the awning will be available for installation on Thursday. It turns out the awning was manufactured in time, alas it was not dispatched. Therefore the installation had to be deferred to Friday.

The spot we were camped in at Chaffey Dam needed to be vacated on Thursday as a big event (Water Skiing Marathon) required the spot. We decided to move just a few kilometres to Woolomin. This is a free camping area at the edge of the river Peel. Not that you can see the river from the camp grounds, but it is just a few meter’s walk to get to the river’s edge.

The Woolowin camp site was not very busy and it didn’t take much time to locate our friends who had been camping here for some time.

We drove into Tamworth to sort our some problems with the UHF aerial and to stock up on essentials. Being in NSW, Aldi is allowed to sell alcohol so we replenished our wine supplies.

Woolowin Walk
I went for a walk in Woolowin along the river Peel and surrounding area and took a few photos.

Bird Watching

As always we are interested in birds. I noticed this little bird posing on a tree trunk.

We are not certain what bird it is – I think it might be a Grey Fantail.

Drive on dirt roads around West Side of Chaffey Dam

On my walk I noticed a sign to an arboretum. I decided to go for a drive to find this arboretum. I was not successful – but thoroughly enjoyed the drive through the countryside while Lesley was reading a book on her iPad.

The road was very good despite not being paved.

The road led me to the Western Side of Chaffey Dam. This is much more remote and not many people go to this area.

Although so remote, I encountered this big truck kicking up dust.

At some stage, a few kangaroos were fleeing my approach. One straggler was on the wrong side of the fence and had to find a spot to jump over it. This gave me time to capture the roo in flight.

Not the best shot – but all the same it might give you an impression of the speed that the kangaroos get when using their strong hind legs.

In the evening we enjoyed our friend’s company watching the sun illuminating the scenery.

This post might not be very easy to follow. If you check out the map, it might make more sense. http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=2049157

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