Moonbi To Premer – again

We left our friends at Woolomin and within minutes we had phone reception and received a message that our awning had arrived. Being without phone and internet connection at Woolomin certainly is a drawback.

The fitting of the awning was a smooth operation. Within an hour we were on our way. A few kilometres down the road towards Tamworth I suddenly thought: I don’t remember the tie-down points being re-installed on the new awning. We stopped at the next opportunity to check. Sure enough, they were missing. Back we went. I suspected that the hardware had been left on the roof of the caravan. This proved correct. Not only the metal bits were on the roof, but also the guy’s favourite screwdriver. Everything had stayed where he left it. ‘Your caravan sure must have a smooth ride. I would have expected the screwdriver to have rolled off within seconds. I sure would have been p****d off to have lost my favourite screwdriver’. A few minutes later we were on the road again. We took a different route to Premer where we had spent a night on the way to Wellington.

As you can see from this map, we had left the hilly country and were now motoring along plains.

‘Our spot’ in the Lions Club campsite had already been taken and we parked in a different area.

A truck with a big trailer stopped close by. The truck driver used the facilities to have a shower. On his way back to the truck we had a bit of a chat. He is on a contract to transport canola from Premer to Newcastle. It will take an other 3 weeks to complete the assignment. He is far from his home and family in Ipswich, Queensland.

In my previous post about Premer there is a photo of a wheat silo. That silo actually is dwarfed by a huge silo further away from the town. The silos are quite a landmark in this grain growing area. If you clicked on the link to the Lions Club, you would see that the silo also features on the clubs main photo – ‘Premer – Plains of Plenty’.

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