Premer to Yeoval

From Premer we took a different route to Wellington and on to Yeoval. We travelled mainly on minor roads, some of them quite rough. But it didn’t matter that much – I was able to drive at appropriate speed without holding up any traffic.

I expected the road from Wellington to Yeoval to be through similar, flat country. However the road led through valleys and up and down hills. In Yeoval we camped at the showgrounds ($8 with power – no other facilities). The camping area is close to a creek and adjoining the showgrounds is the golf course.

We rolled our awning out for the very first time. The rolling mechanism, being brand new, felt quite different to what I was used to. It must have been worn out for a long time and I was pleased with the change.

Just behind the camping area is a paddock that had horses grazing.

I went for a walk toward the evening, mostly along the creek and through the golf course. The golf course had been busy all day, despite temperatures in the high thirties. I greeted one of the golfers with ‘How are you?’ His response was ‘stuffed – too hot for me’.

The golf course reminded me of the golf course in Crystal Brook, South Australia, that we walked through after Easter last year. It is dotted with old trees that give it a lot of character.

In the background I could see the wheat silos – ever present in such a farming community, although I understand that sheep is the main income here.

The creek provided some interesting photo opportunities as well.

I am not sure what this shed was used for – for me it just was another opportunity.

Sunset from under the awning.

A sliver of the waxing moon was almost outshining the sun.

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