Yeoval – housekeeping and rest

Monday was a housekeeping day. Not only did we do the washing, I also washed the car with the saved laundry water.

I should have been working on the battery installation. I didn’t feel like doing much. Instead I went for a walk around Gooloogong. This is the sign inviting people to stay for free in the Gooloogong Caravan Park.

There is a lovely park adjacent to the camp grounds. The Gooloogong sign was rescued from the railway station when the railway closed down in the 1970s.

In the park next to the caravan park, early settlers are honoured, the story of the railway through Gooloogong is told and the women of the Australian Women’s Land Army are honoured. These women worked to keep soldiers supplied with canned vegetables, mainly canned by the Edgell factory. Only a few days ago, there was some sad news about the successor of the Edgell factory. Some 70 employees have already lost their jobs and perhaps even their entitlements. More will follow when the factory closes completely. It will affect the whole area, as farmers contracted to sell their crops will have to find new buyers as these contracts will not be honoured. Read more about it here.

The Gooloogong Hotel is the biggest building in town. I am sure they get quite a bit of business from the free camping ground.

The Log Cabin Hall was built in 1939 and served for entertainment during the second world war. As mentioned above, the hall was venue to dances that attracted hundreds of people from the surrounding area, including some of the Land Army girls.

Shearing Shed?

At the edge of the village.

The caravan park

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