Gooloogong – Grenfell – Ariah Park

When Lesley reviewed my last post she remarked, I should have included a photo of the church. As I had not taken a photo of the church, I needed to remedy that. So after having packed up the van I went for a quick walk. On the way to the church, I noticed this old butcher shop – obviously the butcher has left town.

As I approached the church, I noticed this for sale sign. Is the church for sale?

No that’s my mistake. It is the block next to the church that is for sale. The church itself is actually being renovated at the moment as evident by the signs at the fence.

It is good to see that the church will be preserved. Obviously a lot of work needs to be performed before it is restored.

We were on the road by 9:15. First stop was planned in Grenfell, where there is a public dump point. The dump point is close to the old railway station, which is in beautiful condition. (photo by Lesley)

Not far from the railway station is the Men’s Shed. I recently got involved with the Wamuran Men’s Shed and therefore I am interested in any Men’s Shed wherever they are. This looks like a neat set up – a railway carriage probably for morning tea etc.. and a shed almost integrated into the carriage. (photo by Lesley)

Its main building is a railway carriage.

The trip to Ariah Park was along minor roads in excellent condition. We are in grazing country and we saw sheep as well as cattle in the huge fields along the roads.

Ariah Park is a small town which also provides free camping if you don’t require any facilities. They ask for a donation if you want showers, toilets and electricity. As our batteries are still holding up, thanks to the clear blue sky, we opted for no facilities. The camping area is behind the sports grounds (Rugby?) and next to the swimming pool.

The oval

I watched a few birds – this I am pretty sure is an apostle bird.

But what are these? At first sight they appeared to be crows. But they were in a flock and did not scatter with the presence of people – quite unlike crows. Perhaps a white winged chough? Actually I am now pretty sure that it is as before sending the blog post, I saw the underside of the wings and they are white.

Masked Lapwings.

We drove into the centre of town, intending to spend a few dollars at the hotel. As stated previously we do like to support communities that provide facilities for us. However the hotel appeared to be closed. Lesley went across the road to enquire at a mechanics shop when the hotel is open. Unfortunately this appears to be an other victim of the demise of country towns. The hotel has not been open recently – the Xmas decorations indicate a December closure. The guys across the road suggested we might like to buy the hotel. Considering that the hotel has not been open for a while, I think it will be difficult to find a buyer. Perhaps it should be bought by the community, just like the coffee shop that they bought and now run as a community project.

The town really makes a lot of effort to make itself a tourist attraction. All the buildings in the main street have been remodelled to what they looked like in the 1920’s.

Even the petrol bowsers have been reinstalled to give the town that 1920’s look.

In the middle of the street they planted Pepper Corn Trees, just like they were in the olden days.

The sent of these trees certainly is unmistakeable of peppercorns. (photo by Lesley)

Unable to find a meal in town, Lesley cooked up some rissoles – a nice meal under the awning of the caravan. Mosquito coils helped us to enjoy the outdoors. Sunset was spectacular, although I had to move from the caravan to take these shots.

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