From Ariah Park via Wagga Wagga to Burrumbuttock

Today (Thursday, 21st of March) was supposed to be another day at Ariah Park. I was going to work on the battery installation in the LandCruiser. However within a short time, I discovered that the connectors I had bought in Brisbane were not suitable. A quick search on the internet found the nearest Jaycar store in Wagga Wagga. Therefore change of plan. We packed up in a hurry and headed off to Wagga Wagga. It didn’t take us long to find Jaycar, finding a parking spot suitable for car and caravan was a bit more difficult. Eventually we parked within walking distance. Getting the correct part was straightforward.

We decided to have lunch in a food court that we had passed. It was Chicken Kebabs and Cappuccino for a nice, early lunch. While in the food court, it had started raining and this was the start of a rather miserable afternoon. We headed to Burrumbuttock (CAW6, NSW #577), driving mostly in the rain.

On arrival we found a small camping area behind the local hall (built in 1914).

We set up camp in a drizzle, ready for a getaway in the morning.

It was a miserable afternoon. The wind was howling and it kept on raining.

All the same we found a break in the weather and went for a walk to explore the village. Really the landscape is quite spectacular and the miserable weather made for more interesting scenery.

The village hall made for some interesting shots as well.

With the wind howling outside, I managed to get some of the cabling made up. Luckily the connectors we bought in Wagga Wagga were the right ones.

The following shot was taken by Lesley during our walk.

view map:

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1 Response to From Ariah Park via Wagga Wagga to Burrumbuttock

  1. Julie Adams says:

    You should have checked out the Wirramena Learnscape near the school.

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